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6 theme-based microsites to promote tourism spots

Kerala Tourism has geared up for the post-COVID-19 era by coming up with six theme-based microsites in the official website to promote destination and tourism products and get an upper hand in the virtual marketing among brands.

With focus of Kerala turning to wellness tourism and in view of the corona pandemic, Ayurveda has been given prominence among the microsites added to the official website www. keralatourism.org.

New microsites

Yoga, Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art indigenous to the State, Temples of Kerala, Judaism in Kerala and Discovering Malabar are the other new microsites that have been featured.

The move to infuse content into the website and give a refreshing look is part of the long-term strategy to overcome the impact of COVID-19 that has taken a heavy toll on the travel and tourism industry facing job cuts and low margins.

Tourism planners and the industry are expecting an influx of domestic tourists to the State from other parts of the country when the COVID-19 pandemic finally ends and the microsites will come in handy for marketing the destinations. Besides, the aim is to retain an edge in the post COVID-19 era for the official website that ranks first in the search results since 2004.

Even in hard times, which included two floods, outbreak of avian flu, swine flu, and H1N1, and sudden hartals, the website, launched in 1998, had come in handy to reach out to the world and convey the message that ‘Kerala is safe’ .

“In the days of the lockdown and holidaying coming to a standstill globally, we have noticed that other tourism brands are doing virtual marketing. In microsites, we have taken care to provide new content and more emphasis on videos of high quality. New models have been roped in,” Kerala Tourism Director P. Bala Kiran told The Hindu.

From the evolution to the A to Z of the six themes have been included in addition to the gallery for royalty-free videos and high resolution photographs in the microsites.

Cuisine of Malabar, Jewish diet, Popular asanas, cultural and art forms of Malabar to featuring of the 100 temples district wise make it a unique experience.

Official website

The official website, available in 21 languages, has recently been enriched to give a contemporary feel with rich images. The full website is available in six Indian and foreign languages. Invis Multimedia, the capital-based IT Solution Provider for Kerala Tourism, is behind the new microsites.


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