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‘Chernobyl’ Costume Makers to Donate Coronavirus Protective Gear

The costume makers behind the acclaimed television series “Chernobyl” have announced that they will donate face masks, protective robes and other stock to those on the front lines of the global fight against the coronavirus.

Spain’s Peris Costumes company, announcing its donation Saturday as the number of confirmed global cases passed 1 million, said “we are living in a nightmare in which reality overcomes fiction.” In addition to the hit series that depicts the aftermath of the 1986 nuclear disaster in Soviet Ukraine, Peris Costumes has worked on other popular titles including the James Bond movies and “The New Pope.”

“In order to mitigate the situation generated by the Covid-19, Peris has changed its usual activity by reconverting its workshops to produce gowns, ponchos, masks and all types of protection material,” it said in a statement.

The costume makers said they will donate some of their gear from offices in Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Budapest and Vienna.

Peris Costumes CEO Javier Toledo said his company’s contribution will “help meet the demand of nursing homes, hospitals, police departments, social services and city halls.”

“We want our donation to be a humble contribution to this Dante-esque situation on behalf of the film industry, television and theatre as a whole,” Toledo said.

“If this confinement has taught us anything it is the need for entertainment and its importance in times like these and especially in the future, even though it may sometimes lack the recognition it deserves,” he said.


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