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Coronavirus:almost 130,000 cases in “New Europe”,212

(ANSA) – BELGRADE, 06 APR – A total of 128825 confirmed cases of coronavirus (+8244 day-on-day), 91714 in Germany only, were registered in countries in Central- and Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria and Greece as April 5, show official data of national authorities collected by the World Health Organization (WHO). The total number of fatalities in the region is 2129 (+262), out of which 1342 registered in Germany, 186 in Austria, 141 in Romania.

Most of cases of COVID-19 in the area were registered in Germany (91714, +5936 in the last 24 hours), followed by Austria (11766, +241), Czech Republic (4472, +282), Poland (3627, +244), Romania (3613, +430), Greece (1673, +60), Serbia (1624, +148), Ukraine (1251, +155), Croatia (1126, +47), Estonia (1018, +57), Slovenia (977, +43), Lithuania (771), Moldova (752, +161), Hungary (733, +55), Bosnia-Herzegovina (632, +46), Latvia (509, +16), Bulgaria (503, +18), North Macedonia (484, +53), Slovakia (471, +21), Belarus (440, +186), Albania (333), Montenegro (197, +37) and Kosovo (148, +8).

In Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and in the Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania) 9628 confirmed cases and 290 deaths were registered until April 5. Austria has registered 1321 cases of COVID-19 per million, compared to 2060 in Italy, followed by Germany (1103), Estonia (766), Slovenia (472), according to a tally by ANSA based on WHO data. An ANSA tally shows that, in the region, Austria has also registered the highest number of deaths per one million population (20.8), followed by Germany (16.1) and Slovenia (10.6). Italy has recorded 254 deaths per million inhabitants as of yesterday. Between March 30 and April 5, the highest weekly increases of confirmed cases were registered in Belarus (+368%), Moldova (+186%), Ukraine (+160%), Montenegro (+132%) and Serbia (+119%), according to an ANSA calculation. (ANSA).


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