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Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement
MaverickVision.ie Sponsor of Maverick Media

Our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) reflects the steps that we are taking to ensure we are, and will, a be a positive influence in providing real information from the globe to our readers. The owners of Maverick Vision decided that we had also a Social responsibility to do everything possible to positively impact on Irish society, especially with now the so serious challenge the world is facing in 2020.

Our role in supporting Irish readers by creating reliable digital online news agency e in www.maverickvision.ie through hourly and daily dedicated research looking to make a valuable contribution by providing real time news from global location to Irish society.

Maverick Media, created by the team at Maverick Vision, in collaboration with many international sources, was conceptually developed during the initial phase of this horrible Coronavirus19 world wide pandemic, a response by us to provide news and expert advice to help Irish readers to absorb the reality of the situation whilst at the same time providing support information and advice by connecting people to trustworthy websites and agencies both in Ireland and internationally.

Some of our team are working today on this news platform from Smart Working location throughout EU waiting for a chance to come home to Ireland.

A work in progress ethos and concept, which we will strive day to day to expand and improve, a challenge we look to embrace and excel at at.

The Editor
Maverick Media


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