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Covid-19 cases in Moscow near 4,000 as mayor says residents are at ‘HIGHEST RISK’ compared to other regions

Moscow has over 500 new coronavirus cases, with the total number of infections in the capital approaching 4,000. The city’s mayor has warned that residents remain at risk and that’s why tough measures are still needed.

The Russian capital registered 536 new infections on Sunday, increasing the city’s total case count to 3,893, according to official figures. The latest data lists 5,389 cases nationwide, resulting in 45 deaths.

Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said on Sunday that Moscow is at “highest risk” because of the number of people that have have traveled through the city or returned from abroad. The large number of hospitalizations resulting from the virus has required him to make “tough” decisions to halt the outbreak.

Moscow has shut down all non-essential businesses and has begun to strictly enforce restrictions on movement within the city. Plans to roll out a permit system that uses QR-codes have been shelved, but Sobyanin warned that they could be implemented if Muscovites don’t comply with the rules. The shutdown will last until at least May 1, according to Sobyanin.

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