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COVID-19: Traffic policemen in Chennai given face shields

The traffic policemen in Chennai were provided with face shields on Sunday so that they do not contract COVID-19 infection while performing duty.

Thousands of police personnel in Chennai and across the State have been toiling day and night to ensure that everyone follows the prohibitory orders. Many have also been given the task of ensuring social distancing at ration shops and other places where people gather in large numbers.

According to A. Arun, Additional Commissioner, Traffic, the shields have been provided to around 2,000 traffic policemen. “They have to wear the normal mask and cover their nose and mouth. On top of it, they have to wear the shied. This will protect the entire face,” he said.

The law and order and other policemen who are on duty will also be provided with similar protection gear in the coming days.

Police personnel welcomed the move. “It provides a feeling of safety. We have to go close to motorists while taking their details. If he/she is a carrier, we will be prone to infection,” said a police officer from Ambattur.

However, some complained of moisture build up on the shield when they breath through the mask. “It would be better if we just wear the shield alone. But I am not sure if it would be safe enough. The visibility is affected due to the moisture,” added an official.


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