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'Fog-like' feeling flagged as warning symptom of coronavirus by confirmed cases

A ‘fog-like’ feeling has been highlighted as a potential warning sign of coronavirus following a study of the symptoms experienced by those with confirmed cases.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, a persistent dry cough and a fever have been identified as indicators that somebody may have Covid-19, and anyone who develops these health issues is being told to self-isolate in an effort to reduce the spread.

But many others have experienced a wide range of different symptoms, with the World Health Organization (WHO) saying: “Symptoms of COVID-19 are non-specific and the disease presentation can range from no symptoms (asymptomatic) to severe pneumonia and death.”

It said people with coronavirus will generally develop symptoms including mild respiratory problems and a fever on average five to six days after infection.

But with symptoms varying widely from patient to patient, a WHO study looked at common signs and symptoms based on 55,924 laboratory confirmed cases.

A WHO study looked at the symptoms of thousands of patients (file image) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

After fever, experienced by 87.9 per cent, and a dry cough, experienced by 67.7 per cent, the third most common symptom in the study was a ‘flatlining’ feeling of fatigue, reported by 38.1 per cent.

This has included ‘brain fog’, also known as mental fatigue, in some patients.

Thea Jourdan, 50, says she didn’t experience a cough or fever as commonly reported, and her symptoms instead began with a ‘dull headache’.

Some have reported a feeling of finding it ‘impossible’ to focus (stock image) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

She told the Daily Mail : “Initially I felt exhausted, as if I was dragging myself through a treacle and had no choice but to go to my bed. I had no meaningful cough and I wasn’t running a fever.

“I also had brain fog. I was unable even to fill out forms from the children’s schools. I just wanted to sleep.”

Christy, a woman from Seattle who withheld her surname, gave a similar account to HuffPost, describing a fever which progressed into “sinus congestion, a headache and a debilitating ‘brain fog’ that made it impossible to focus.”

The WHO report stated most people infected with Covid-19, around 80 per cent, ‘have a mild disease and recover’.

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Coronavirus outbreak

Advice from the UK government urges people to stay at home and only to leave the house for essential purposes and one form of exercise a day.

It says to stay two meters (six feet) away from other people at all times if you do need to leave your home and to wash your hands regularly, especially when you return home.

Click here to see the full advice from the government, NHS and WHO.


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