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'I need more beer!!' – 93-year-old's Facebook appeal goes viral

Staying at home to protect herself against the coronavirus, one 93-year-old had a big problem: she was running out of booze.

Olive Veronesi decided the best way to keep her supplies up was to get creative – and now, she’s gone viral on Facebook.

The pensioner, from Pennsylvania, was pictured holding a whiteboard that said: “I NEED MORE BEER!”

In her other hand? A can of Coors Light.

The photograph, taken through the window of her home, was uploaded to the Facebook page of a local TV station.

Since then, it has been seen by more than a million people.

Much more importantly, several people have offered to get the beers in for Olive.

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Others shared stories about how they are keeping drink cupboards well stocked for their elderly relatives.

As Olive is in her 90s, she falls into a group that is at higher risk from COVID-19.

The coronavirus can cause more severe illness in older adults, with many countries urging those over 70 to stay at home, take extra care, and avoid contact with their family members.


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