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Labourers stuck in Belagavi without food

A team of 16 labourers from Jharkhand were stuck in Kuppatgiri village near Khanapur in Belagavi ditstrict for days without food.

The Belagavi district administration helped them by providing ration for two weeks after they were alerted to their plight by a city resident.

Based on messages on social media that Humanitarian Relief Society was distributing food to the needy in Bidar and Kalaburgi, they traced the phone number of members, who in turn conveyed their message to friends in Belagavi.

They requested the Regional Commissioner Amlan Aditya Biswas to supply some ration to the stranded labourers.

Acting on instructions of the RC, Tahsildar office personnel reached out to the labourers and supplied them with rations for two weeks.

Niranjan Singh, one of the labourers who got the food packets, told The Hindu that they had come to Khanapur to work on the widening of the Goa-Belagavi highway. They were unable to go back after the lockdown. They had gone hungry for four days, he said. “We have got to eat only three or four times after the lock down,” he said. Most of them wanted to go back home as soon as possible, he added.


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