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'Lockdown is only bearable if people can see light at the end of the tunnel'

The country has embraced the coronavirus lockdown with fortitude.

We have changed the way we live and work because we understand the importance of protecting the NHS and therefore saving lives.

A stoic nation will continue to accept these restrictions for as long as is necessary.

But they will also want reassurance that at some point life can start to return to normal.

So far the Government has failed to explain how the restrictions will be wound down.

People understand the exact timetable will depend on how well social distancing works.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in intensive care with coronavirus (Image: Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror)

The Government’s scientific advisers say that while the initial data is promising, it is too early to say for certain how effective it is.

As a result, it is almost certain the lockdown will continue well beyond the Easter weekend.

Parents want to know when children will be able to return to school.

Firms want guidance on how long they will have to remain closed and furlough staff.

Families want to visit relatives again.

The lockdown is only bearable if people can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Silver linings

While the lockdown is an anxious time, it has brought out the best in people.

Neighbours look out for each other and communities rally together.

Another unexpected benefit is people embracing new ways of communicating.

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Coronavirus outbreak

Services such as FaceTime and WhatsApp have allowed elderly people to keep in touch with friends and family – and they’ve been learning how to use the new technology.

The younger generation should watch out.

The YouTube stars of the future are more likely to be their grandparents.

Have a dough

Mary Berry cooked up a storm by saying shop-bought hot cross buns are better than her homemade ones.

Home bakers would love to prove her wrong – if they can find anywhere still selling flour.


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