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Nearly 800 coronavirus deaths in Italy in new single-day record

The world total of deaths climbed on Saturday to more than 11,000 as countries imposed stay-at-home restrictions, closed schools, bars, restaurants and leisure centres. Spain, another hard-hit European country, reported a 32 percent increase in deaths on Saturday.
COVID-19 infections are reported in 164 countries and territories, bringing the infected total to more than 277,106 people. The World Health Organization warned that while the elderly and frail are especially susceptible to the virus, young people are also at risk.

Restrictions in Europe

In Italy, the death rate is at 8.6 percent as COVID-19 infections rose to 53,578. In the Lombardy region where Milan is located, more than 3,000 people have died. After a delayed response, Britain has also imposed more stringent measures with the closure of pubs, restaurants and theatres. Switzerland has not followed suit, only banning gatherings with more than five people



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