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Seven ways you can help the NHS while staying home during coronavirus lockdown

The UK is currently on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and while we may be stuck at home, we can still do several things to help the NHS.

NHS staff up and down the country are working hard to save lives, while risking their own, during this stressful time and they deserve as much support as they can get.

So if you’re feeling like you want to do something to show your appreciation, you’re in luck as there are various ways you can do this.

From donating money for vital equipment, to sewing new scrubs, here’s a look at how you can get involved.

The NHS has been praised by millions in the UK for their tireless work during the pandemic (Stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

1. Stay at home

It may not feel like you’re doing all that much, but following the government’s advice and staying home as much as possible during this time really will make a big difference.

Staying home helps to limit the spread of coronavirus.

NHS workers don’t have the option to stay home as they are vital in fighting this pandemic, so we should all stay home for them.

Nurse Lucy Hutchings recently explained it best in a post on Facebook, writing: “I wish I could stay home with my family, watch movies, eat food etc but I can’t because I spend 8-13 hours a day working for the NHS, so when I see people are not taking it serious and think this is all a joke.

“Staying home is a privilege and It is not impossible and for people saying that what Boris has done is pathetic it’s not it’s for the best, he’s trying to protect you all as well as keeping you out of the hospital with other Covid patients.”

She added: “You think ‘oh I won’t get it I’ll be fine’ but it’s not fine,it’s killing hundreds of people everyday and beds are quickly being taken in the COVID-19 wards.

“This is real life and watching people in pain and suffer is devastating.”

2. Help pay for vital equipment

Many people have found themselves out of work during this time, but if you are fortunate enough to still be getting your regular income and have a little bit to spare, then you might consider donating it to a very worthy cause.

A crowdfunding page has been set up online to help provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers against the coronavirus.

Many hospitals are lacking the right equipment and while the government are working to resolve this, NHS workers on the front line of the pandemic are putting themselves at risk when treating sick patients without the proper protective gear.

The campaign has so far raised £1,325,520 of its £1,500,000 target and actor James McAvoy has been a big advocate, donating a whopping £275,000.

If you’d like to get involved, you can do so by donating here.

James McAvoy donate £275,000 (Image: PA)

3. Sew some scrubs

An A&E nurse has gone viral after sharing sewing patterns online for scrubs.

Ashleigh Linsdell is working with hospitals and GP practices to provide new scrubs for staff after identifying to shortage in supply for scrubs to frontline NHS staff.

More than 18,000 people have joined the Facebook page Linsdell set up, called For The Love Of Scrubs – Our NHS Needs You.

Each set of scrubs requires 3.5m of 100% cotton or Poly cotton in navy or black.

4. Buy a meal so doctors and nurses don’t have to worry about cooking

NHS canteens shut at 5pm each day, meaning frontline staff working in the evenings and overnight struggle to get food from anywhere other than a vending machine.

To help with this, a group of Londoners have set up Meals for the NHS, where people donate money for meals, food is ordered from local restaurants and delivered to people working.

So far £541,000 has been raised.

Deliveroo is also giving people the chance to buy meals to be sent to hospitals. All you have to do is download the app and select the ‘suppot the NHS’ box on the homepage.

You can donate meals to NHS staff via Deliveroo (Image: Getty Images)

5. Gift hospitals essential items via Amazon

With a number of people still stockpiling and panic-buying, some hospitals are finding it hard to get hold of essentials such as soap and hand sanitiser.

Sadly a few hospitals have even had these items stolen during the pandemic as people become desperate to get their hands on some.

As a result, some hospitals have created Amazon wishlists to share the items they need the most.

Members of the public can purchase these items for the hospitals.

Here’s a few that have been set up already, but it’s worth checking whether your local hospital has one or needs anything:

6. Volunteer as an NHS responder

The NHS recently put out a call seeking volunteers to help out during this difficult time.

They were looking for 250,000 people to help, but more than 750,000 people signed up.

As a result applications have been temporarily closed while they deal with the influx of interest, but they are expected to reopen.

A lot of the volunteer positions involve delivering essential medical supplies, such as medications, however there are roles you can do from home, such as becoming a Check in and Chat volunteer.

This involves calling individuals who are at risk of loneliness during self-isolation and making sure they’re ok.

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7. Nominate NHS workers for special treats to show your appreciation

A number of companies are currently asking people on social media to nominate frontline NHS staff to send them free gifts to help them de-stress and feel appreciated.

For instance Verdant Alchemy are offering free bath salts to NHS staff. To nominate someone, send an email to hello@verdantalchemy.co.uk  along with a valid NHS email and they will be sent Epsom Salt therapeutic bath salts.

GHD have also been gifting their hair styling tools to NHS workers, while cookie company, The Cookie People, are currently on the look out for NHS workers to send their tasty cookie packages to.


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