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SPECIAL REPORT: RED ZONE ITALY – A possible crystal ball for us all?

74836 total cases, unfortunately, announced today by Protezione Civile Agency in Italy.

Over 5000 more than yesterday. Crematoriums in northern Italy full of coffins waiting for cremation.

Ireland, time to take serious action, now and don’t let Italian history repeat itself in Ireland.

This evening, as I write this from one of the highest infected red zones in Rimini Italy, Italian Prime Minister yesterdayannounced from €400 up to €3000 euro fines.

Not time to panic, but we pray that the Irish population will take this situation seriously. Its now time for social responsibility, not just distancing.

Our First Anomaly in Irish Matrix?

This is an anomaly, a failure in “our matrix”, we are not used to this, we can’t believe it, we don’t want to believe it, we believe it’s only “another flu”. We have seen Netflix series and Hollywood films, paid cinema tickets to view films, and yet we cannot seem to process what is happening. Time to respect and listen to the scientists, because we have been warned, that time is now.

A War Against an Invisible Enemy.

As a nation, long wars are nothing new to us, now we have a new enemy, one we can’t see one we can’t attack, accept with our intelligence and behaviour. We need to stay calm and stay at home, to win this war against this deadly enemy, as we are all soldiers in this battle now. In the front line we have brave doctors and nurses fighting for us, but we must not behave in a way to put further pressure on the health system by thinking we are indestructible, the young can infect the old.

There are young people in intensive care in Italy, the young can infect the old, but it’s the old that die at an incredible higher rate. We must protect our parents and grandparents; they deserve that after all. Time to digitally embrace each other for now, stay in touch but keep our physical distance.

We Can Change.

The challenge is to stay at home, #stayathome, simple, clear message and action to take now. A little isolation so we can be stronger and healthier soon, a chance to show who we are and what we have done to get to this situation. A chance maybe to rebuild our thoughts on who we have become and why we are here today, maybe a challenge to find new value moving forward. Because the day that this virus will go away will come, hopefully soon, that day we will have a chance to do better, to be better.

Closing, as I listen to the local Carabinieri Italian police, circling the town warning for people to stay indoors, through loud megaphones, one of their many daily tours of the town, I pray that Irish people and government will take the hard and difficult decision today.

Those numbers we have in Italy already.

Those numbers are dead people.

Those numbers have names, had names.

The Editor, Maverick Media


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