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Starvation claims life of destitute in Srirangapatna?

An elderly homeless man, who was found in severely exhausted condition in Srirangapatna on Wednesday afternoon, died at the government hospital there.

According to the Srirangapatna town police station sources, the man was found in front of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple and might have been suffering from health ailments. He might have come from some other place to Srirangapatna, said the sources.

According to the local residents, the impact of the countrywide lockdown for combating COVID-19 might have claimed his life. It appears as if he had not eaten anything for the past few days. None noticed him as people have stopped visiting the temple because of lockdown, they said.

The town has many homeless people. They commonly visit/stay around the temples seeking food from the visitors. However, they are not getting food in the prevailing situation.

The Assistant Commissioner (Revenue, Pandavapura subdivision) told The Hindu on Thursday that the district administration is committed to provide food and medical aid to such people. “We will visit areas around temples to search for such people and provide food/shelter. We have already shifted some destitutes from Pandavapura railway station and other places,” she said.


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