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Tearful woman in hospital with coronavirus begs people to stay inside

A woman who tested positive for coronavirus has shared a tearful video from her hospital bed pleading with people to stay inside.

Sharon Cook was admitted to hospital on March 23 after contracting Covid-19, and although she is now over the worst of the virus, she has been diagnosed with sepsis pneumonia.

The woman from Lincolnshire recorded a video where she describes her symptoms and how much she misses her family.

An emotional Sharon said: “I thought I’d do a quick vlog. I’ve been in hospital since March 23 with Covid-19. I was tested as positive but now that’s getting better.

A tearful Sharon described her coronavirus symptoms and spoke about how much she misses her family (Image: Sharon Cook/Facebook)

“Now I have sepsis pneumonia which is why I can’t talk very well.

“I’m a bit breathless but I have oxygen so that’s good.

“I just want people to know how important it is to stay at home it’s not worth going out even if you miss your friends.

“I’m on the mend and I’m in my own room on two lots of antibiotics.

“I’m just struggling really to breath but apart from that I feel so much better than I did.

“I had a temperature and felt so ill for over two weeks.

“If someone gave me an injection to put me down I would’ve taken it.

Sharon has been diagnosed with sepsis pneumonia (Image: Sharon Cook/Facebook)

“This is awful because I can’t move or do anything because I have no breath – but at least I don’t feel like I did.”

She said: “I’m really missing home and everybody. I feel sorry for myself.

“My main warning is for people to not go out because it’s horrible.

“At least we can get over this and we’ll have ages to do what we want to do.

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“Hopefully I’ll be home soon and it will all be okay.

“I thought I’d just let you know it’s not like a little flu and although I know you can get milder cases it’s still not nice.

“Hopefully next time I’ll be okay and by the way I haven’t washed my hair for over two weeks.

“Even if I had the stuff now I don’t have the energy.”


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