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Victoria Derbyshire hosts news with number for domestic abuse hotline on hand

BBC journalist Victoria Derbyshire has been praised for presenting the news with the number for the National Domestic Abuse helpline scrawled on her hand.

She said she wanted to remind people forced to isolate with an abusive partner that there is help available.

It comes after charity Refuge said there has been a 25% increase in calls relating to domestic violence since the start of the lockdown nearly three weeks ago.

Ms Derbyshire told The Independent that she was alarmed by the spike in cases.

She said that even before the lockdown, the number of serious incidents was “shocking” and said everyone should have a lifeline to get them out of violent environments.

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Ms Derbyshire had taken the picture to share on Twitter (Image: Twitter)

She said: “Two women a week were killed by a partner or ex before coronavirus.

“Now, some people will be trapped with a violent perpetrator in self-isolation or partial lockdown and it’s even more vital to get the helpline number out there so people know there is someone right now available to take your call and help you if you are in a violent or threatening situation.”

The newsreader said she was alarmed by the high number of cases (Image: Sky News)

She said he had written the number on her hand for a tweet, and decided to keep it on before going on air after 9am.

Among those to praise her was Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy, who wrote: “Huge respect to @vicderbyshire, the number on her hand is for a domestic abuse helpline.

“Being in lockdown is bad enough, now imagine doing it with someone who terrifies you.”


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