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Woman creates lockdown video game parody 'choose your own quarantine character'

A video game parody all about the coronavirus lockdown has gone viral on social media.

Created by a filmmaker named Alina Polichuk, the entertaining TikTok clip tells people to choose their “quarantine character”.

A bit like in a video game,where you select which character to play as, it then goes through the different character options.

Alina portrays all of the different ‘characters’ – one dressed in comfy clothes, with a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, another dressed in workout gear, one in a dressing gown, one preparing to do some DIY and a different one with a bottle of wine and glass in hand.

Her video quickly went viral garnering 63,000 likes.

It has since been shared on Twitter by a user named Danielle Baskin, where it also accumulated more than 421,000 likes.

People found it hilarious and began coming up with names for the different characters, including Cosy McHoodie and Drunky McDrunkface.

Others spotted some noticeable gaps in the video, such as a lack of a character baking bread, something many people have been doing to keep busy during lockdown.

“Where’s the bread baker and Nintendo Switch tho,” asked one user.

Another commented: “You’re not truly quarantining until you’re baking your own bread.”

Some simply couldn’t get over the fact that Alina was mimicking the movement of an actual video game character.

“I can’t. I CAN NOT. The ‘game avatar movement’ thing,” said someone else.

A different Twitter user added: “I wanna play this. Someone call @valvesoftware and pitch it.”

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