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Woman's parents and brother die from coronavirus while husband's on life support

A woman has revealed how coronavirus has ‘destroyed’ her family, killing her parents and brother, while her husband lies in hospital on a life support machine, reports say.

Kelly Conkey Billups, 54, from Ohio, US, said Covid-19 killed her 51-year-old brother David Conkey on Sunday, before then claiming her parents’ lives on Tuesday.

Her husband Don Billups has also been hospitalised and put on a ventilator, with his condition described as critical but stable on Wednesday.

She described the tragic series of events as a ‘nightmare’, describing how it has broken her family.

Mrs Billups told the Columbus Dispatch: “It’s like … knowing that a big winter storm is blowing in and you get prepared and you hunker down and you just wonder how bad it’s going to get, how long it’s going to last and what happens when it’s all over and how you dig yourself out.”

Mrs Billups’ mum Judith died from the virus (Image: Facebook)

She added that after the deaths of her parents and brother she does not know how she will ‘dig’ herself out of her grief, the New York Post reports.

Her husband is now also battling for his life after initially testing negative for the disease, although doctors think the result may have been wrong.

Mrs Billups is currently awaiting the results of a second test.

Her brother became ill after helping their 75-year-old mum settle into a rehab centre.

Her dad also fell victim to the disease (Image: Facebook)

He was diagnosed with ear and sinus infections before being put on a ventilator and ultimately losing his life.

Days after David’s condition deteriorated their dad Lewis Conkey, 77, and mum Judith fell sick.

All three of the relatives had underlying health conditions, WJW-TV reports.

On March 23, Mrs Billups’ husband texted her saying he could not breathe and he was also rushed to hospital.

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She has now paid tribute to her parents, who were together for 57 years and ‘did everything together’.

Mrs Billups also urged people to take the virus seriously, stay at home and follow social distancing rules.

She said: “I want to spare another family the pain and trauma that we are living.”


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