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Wuhan lifts 11-week coronavirus lockdown but only some are allowed to leave home

The coronavirus epicentre Wuhan has lifted its strict lockdown, which lasted 11 weeks.

Residents are now allowed to leave the central Chinese city, where the global outbreak began, as the numbers of new cases has steadily decreased.

The Chinese government claims the city last month recorded its first week with no new cases.

And on Tuesday, China said it had recorded no new daily cases across the entire country.

Officially, there have been 83,000 recorded cases and 3,300 deaths in the Hubei region, which has Wuhan as its capital.

Passengers wear face maks at Wuchang railway station at 5am local time today (Image: SplashNews.com)

Both residents and commentators have questioned those figures, believing they could be much higher.

Restrictions which have confined the estimated 56 million people of Hubei province to their homes, and left them in effective quarantine have started to be slowly relaxed over the past week.

A passenger in protective gears waits at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (Image: ROMAN PILIPEY/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

And under new rules that came into force as of midnight on Wednesday local time, people are allowed to enter and leave on the condition they have a ‘green’ code on a mandatory smartphone app.

The app is powered by a mix of data-tracking and government surveillance which shows they are healthy and have not been in recent contact with anyone infected.

Details of where you were travelling to and why also have to be provided, and those permitted to travel are then issued with a QR code they can scan at travel terminals.

The technology has been used in around 200 Chinese cities to try and control the spread of the virus, but it has been criticised by human rights watchers over privacy concerns.

Traffic returned to the streets of the city on Tuesday night while hundreds of people queued for the first trains and flights out.

Thousands flock to tourist site (Image: AsiaWire)

In the neighbouring province Anhui, thousands of residents flocked to tourist sites over the weekend, after they were invited to attend free of charge.

Incredible footage shows tens of thousands queuing shoulder-to-shoulder and back-to-front, with many choosing not to cover their faces.

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Boris Johnson in intensive care

Despite concerns over Covid-19 transmission, none of the visitors appears to be observing the two-metre social distancig guideline, as droves of tourists clog up the pathways inside the mountainous tourist site as well.

The hotspot, which is a top-rated ‘5A’ tourist site, encouraged tourists to visit other sites nearby when its ticket gates reported 80 percent capacity at just 9.22am local time.

A short while later the gates closed as they hit their 20,000-people limit.


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